New Bowlers Page

New Bowlers Page

Buying a set of bowls

If you are thinking about buying your first set of bowls make sure that you have tried different makes and types of bowls first. We have many different ones at the club which you can freely use to find one that you prefer. Please ask other club members to try theirs. There are so many bowls on the market, each having different characteristics. So it is important to get the right set for you.

The bias or draw line is the path that the bowl takes to the jack. A bowl with a wide draw line will be more able to get round short front bowls, however, it will require greater control when bowling.

Beginners are probably better chosing a bowl that doesn't have a very wide draw line, however, you don't want a bowl that runs dead straight otherwise you will be very limited in what you can do.

The charts below have been provided by the major bowls manufacturers. These show the draw line for each type of bowl. Click on the chart to enlarge.



Drakes Pride



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Are you looking to play a game of bowls?

Why not enter the Club Novices Open Competition?

Each season we hold an internal Club Bowls Knock-out Competitions, details of last year's winners are on this website.

One of these is our Open Novices' Competition which is open to any club bowler who has a handicap of 3 or less. Which includes all our new bowlers.

We would like to point out that this is very much a fun competition but would be a good opportunity for beginners who would like to play a game of singles.

Obviously being a knock-out competition the winners go through to the next round until we are left with just 2 bowlers for the final.

Once we know who wishes to enter, a draw will be made and details of the matches will be posted on the club notice board. These games will have a 'play by' date and it is up to the 2 bowlers to agree a suitable date and time.

An experienced club member will act as marker (umpire) for the game. They will offer support and guidance so that the game is played correctly and a result is agreed.

There is an entrance fee of just £1.50 per person, which should be paid at the beginning of the competition. This entrance money is used to pay for a winners trophy - which could well be your first!

Mick Stone  is our Club Competitions Co-ordinator. Please contact him or Doug Davies, if you would like to enter or would like more information. You can contact either by email

We really would like to stress that this is aimed at being a fun event - enter it to have some fun playing singles. You are all beginners so anyone could win.

Are you interested in playing is a friendly match against another local bowls club?

New bowlers have the opportunity of playing for Arclight in a friendly game against other local bowls clubs.

More details about the games can be found on our Friendly Matches webpage. Just click on the link in the menu bar.

Please contact Pauline Head if you would like your name put forward for a match.